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John Johnson Collection
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Help: Browse by collection

Browse by collection allows you to browse a list of all the documents in the John Johnson Collection. You can access Browse by collection by following the Browse link on any page of the site.

Browse by collection is arranged as the John Johnson Collection is arranged in the Bodleian library in Oxford. At the top level are links to the main collections: Booktrade, Entertainment, Prints. Click the relevant link (or the + icon) to expand the next level of the browse.

The next level of the browse groups documents into the subcategories which were used by John Johnson e.g in Entertainment one of the subcategories is London playbills. Click the category link or the + icon to expand the category to the next level.

Within each category documents are organised by the name of the box or folder containing them on the shelves in the Bodleian library e.g. Covent Garden box 4. Click the + icon or the link to reveal a list of the documents within the box or folder.

What information is shown for each document?

Each document citation listed in Browse by collection displays the following information (where available):

Note: some of the information which is displayed is specific to the collection e.g. Event venue is only shown for items from the Entertainment collection.

Access to Full Records

There is a Full Record available for every document in the John Johnson Collection. This can be accessed by following the title link in the citation.

Access to Document Images

There are three ways to access Document Images from the Browse by collection page:

Link back to the Browse by collection page

You can obtain the durable link for the Browse by collection page by clicking the Durable URL link in the side panel at the right of the page. A pop-up window will open displaying the URL; you can copy and paste it into your documents and email.

Add documents to Marked List

Each citation includes a checkbox to enable you to add it to the Marked List.

To add an individual citation to the Marked List, check the Add to Marked List checkbox below the citation. The background colour of the citation will change to indicate that it is now in the Marked List.

To remove an individual citation from your Marked List, uncheck the Add to Marked List checkbox below the citation.

Items added to the Marked List will be kept there for the duration of your session. The number of items contained in the Marked List is shown next to the Marked List link at the top of every page.

For more information, go to the Marked List Help Page.