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John Johnson Collection
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Help: Saved Items

What is the Saved Items page?

The Saved Items page lists all the items you have saved to My Archive. It allows you to store items beyond a single session. From the Saved Items page you can view any of the items listed again, email, print, download, or remove items from your list.


Your saved items are organised into folders so that you can make lists on different topics related to your research. The Saved Items page opens the Default folder the first time you use it. Click the Create new folder link to make other folders to organize your items into, this will take you to the Manage folders page.

If you have more than one folder, the Saved Items page displays the Manage folders link and the Change folder dropdown menu listing all your folders. To open a different folder choose the relevant folder name in the dropdown list and click the Change button.

Note: once multiple folders have been created, items will be saved to the last folder you created by default. If you leave My Archive or end your session, the Saved Items page will open the last folder you created the next time you visit My Archive.

What information is shown for each item?

Each item on the Saved Items page consists of (where available):

When the Saved Items page opens all items in the list will be shown with a colored background and their checkboxes checked to indicate that they are selected ready for emailing, downloading or printing etc.

Note: Where a number of instances of a given document have been digitised, the entry on the Saved Items page displays multiple Document Image links. These are shown in shelfmark order with a copy-specific note to summarise the variations between copies. Click on a Document Image link to go directly to the Document Image of a particular variant copy of the item. Multiple Document Image links also appear in those cases where a group of closely related items have been catalogued with a single Full Record

Is there a limit to the number of items I can save?

The John Johnson Collection allows you to add a total of 500 items to My Archive: Saved Items. If you already have 500 items and you try to save another you will be prompted to remove some of the items.

The number of saved items in each folder is displayed next to the folder name links on the Manage folders page and is updated each time an item is added or removed.

Printing items

If you wish to print Saved Items:

Note: all items on the My Archive: Saved Items page are selected (i.e. display with background highlighting and checkboxes checked) by default.

Emailing items

If you wish to email Saved Items:

Downloading items

If you wish to download Saved Items to your computer:

Moving items

If you wish to move Saved items from one folder to another:

On the Choose folder page you will be able to choose an existing folder or create a new folder to move your items to.

Removing items from the list

If you wish to remove items from My Archive: Saved Items:

Adding a note to a saved item

You may wish to append an explanatory note to a saved item entry. Once you have created a note you can then view, edit, or delete it at any time. Notes are included when you email saved items.

Once a note has been created, the text of the note and an Edit note link are displayed in the relevant saved item entry. Click the Edit note link to change or delete an existing note.

Logging out

To ensure that no-one else uses your saved items whilst you are away from your computer, we recommend that you log out from the Saved Items page when you have finished using it:

Note: if you log out of My Archive you will also be logged out of Lightbox.