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John Johnson Collection
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Help: Saved Searches

What is the Saved Searches page?

The Saved Searches page lists all the searches you have saved using the Save search terms to My Archive link on Search Results pages or from the Search History page. It allows you to run searches again, annotate them, modify them or delete them from your list.

To access Saved Searches, follow the View Saved Searches link on the My Archive welcome page.

Note: only the terms of your search are saved, not the results of the search itself.

Each entry in the list consists of:

Is there a limit to the number of searches I can save?

The John Johnson Collection allows you to save a maximum of 500 searches. If you already have 500 searches saved and you click the Save search terms to My Archive link, you will be shown a warning page asking you to delete some of your searches before you can save any more.

Re-running a search

The name of each search shown in the Saved Searches list forms a link to enable you to run your search again. Click the search name link for the search you wish to run. The results of the search will be displayed on the appropriate Search Results page.

Note: you may get a different set of results when you re-run a search as the John Johnson Collection may have been updated, and new records may be retrieved by your search.

Modifying a search

You may wish to change elements of a search to widen or narrow the scope. Instead of entering your search terms all over again, you can use the Modify Search link next to your chosen search.

Deleting a search

If you wish to remove a search from the list:

Adding a note to a saved search

You may wish to append an explanatory note to a saved search entry. Once you have created a note you can then view, edit, or delete it at any time.

Once a note has been created, the text of the note and an Edit note link are displayed in the relevant saved search entry. Click the Edit note link to change or delete an existing note.

Logging out

To ensure that no-one else uses your saved searches whilst you are away from your computer, we recommend that you log out from the Saved Searches page when you have finished using it: